I get results.  I dont beat around the bush, or rely on wishful thinking.

I am real, like you, I have had days that feel off, but I have lean't to master my emotions. 

I help you to see what you could probably find on google, only faster and I have the added bonus of being qualified so you can take out the 5 years of studying to about 6 weeks for huge results!


Fully qualified NLP, MINDFULNESS & LIFE COACH, nutrition, diploma in: CBT, HYPNOSIS, DRUG & ALCOHOL & SUICIDE AWARENESS.... I have all the tools at the ready to get you the results you want.

I will help you to make things happen, maximize resources and inspire you to where you want to be, by using the skills and talent I have learnt over the last 5 years, to influence and guide you, to make a real breakthrough and create lasting change.


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