How Coaching Works

I work with people who want to overcome unwanted ways of thinking, feeling and behaving. My clients are individuals who want to move forward and bring about significant, positive change.

Some of the most common challenges I help people to overcome include:

• Anxiety, Panic, Phobias, PTSD
• Emotional Issues including Sadness, Fear, Hurt, Guilt
• Presentation, Interview & Test Nerves
• Confidence and Self Esteem

• Procrastination

• Weight Loss / Gain

• 'Stuck in a Rut' situations

• Children Behaviour 

• Relationship help
• Stress-Related Health Issues including IBS, Pain and Blood Pressure
• Smoking and other Unwanted Habits


Many times people are trying to make changes in their lives but seem to be hitting a brick wall and they feel stuck. Coaching will help you understand why that wall is there and then help you take a bulldozer to break through it. Hence the term "breakthroughs."

• Achieving Fulfilment in Your Life
• Eliminating Negative or Poor Habits & Patterns
• Finding Motivation & Ending Procrastination
• Changing Limiting Beliefs & Eliminating Fears
• Goal Setting & Creating a Compelling Future
• Navigating Life Transitions/Stages
• Finding Your Purpose
• Effective Communication
• Building Self-Confidence & Personal Power
• Eliminating Anxiety, Stress & Depression
• Achieving Balance in Your Daily Life
• Handling Pressures & Expectations
• And More.....


• Dealing with Stress from work & family Commitments
• Feeling stuck in their current habits and Patterns
• Feeling frustrated, depressed, anxious & unbalanced
• Unsure of their future and direction in life
• Dealing with a personal emotional situation from present or past situations
• Having trouble with communication and Influence

• Dealing with Depression, Stress, Anxiety, Procrastination
• Being Unclear about your future
• Not knowing what you want to do with your life
• Wanting to learn about Personal Success & Communication Skills
• Identifying and Eliminating Bad Personal Habits
• Planning for Independence & for a Successful future

Mindfulness meditations and coaching, to relieve stress, anxiety and behaviour problems to create a nicer environment at home and school.

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No matter who you are, you will benefit from growing your skills. My expertise and experience will help you turn potential problems into opportunities. 


Coaching can help you in every area of life.

Find out more about coaching with me today.

How Do Coaching Sessions Work?

I tailor my approach to your individual needs and goals. Sessions are based on a continual process of assessment, goal setting, action steps and back to assessment. You can choose to work individually or as part of a group.

Individual coaching takes place in the comfort of your home, via skype, your my clinic, you can choose which one you would prefer. Individual sessions are ideal when held at least 3+ times a month. I’ve found that these frequencies allow us to properly track and support the realisation of your plans.

How Does Group Coaching Work?

Group coaching can be done in two ways: It can be done by telephone conference. The groups are coached on a weekly basis for 45-90 minutes per call (around 40 times a year). Each group consists of people of all ages but with the same goal. The commitment is open-ended in the same manner as individual coaching. Some advantages of group coaching are the creation of a support system, deep self-awareness, a safe environment for experiments, multiple perspectives and passive learning.  Participants focus on important goals and the best way to achieve them.


Group coaching can also take place within the workplace or desired location 1-1 with me and your group.

How Long Is the Process?

That depends on you!

My approach to coaching deals with an intentional change of your mind and body. This does not happen from one day to the next. Most of my clients make my coaching an integral part of their life to take away and practice daily. But perhaps right now you are only seeking help in a specific situation. That’s fine. However I recommend immersion coaching in order to see lasting change.

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