How Coaching Works

How Do Coaching Hourly Sessions Work?

This session is 1 Hour


Get out of your own way and achieve success at the highest level - resolve internal conflict - build motivation - make better decisions - learn how to master your mind - how to manage stress - learn how to tap into your inner resources - NLP coaching has the focus on self actualisation to help you actualise your highest potential - Relax and learn to master your emotions with mindfulness and NLP combined.


Check out the new 'ENERGY' Clinic this is for weightloss, weight gain, Increase your energy which in turn will power your body and soul, and create life long results.


Friendliness and compassion is what you will get from our hour session .


You will be invited to make yourself feel comfortable and unlike some types of therapies you do not is have to disclose any painful secrets. You only need tell me what you feel comfortable with.


Only a short period of time is spent on defining the problem before working on your outcomes. So you can expect to experience change in each session.

The Hour long session should not wear you out and you should be able to go straight back to work and continue your day. Most importantly the sessions are cost effective.


Depending on you the client; this is done using a mixture of techniques such as NLP, Mindfulness and we will talk about your general energy levels with the food you are putting into your body.


By the end of the session, you will have a sustainable plan to follow to keep your mood and energy in a peak state daily.



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