Bereavement Coaching

When we lose something or someone in our lives, grief is the natural emotional process we go through. 

The purpose of grief is neither to exaggerate your pain nor to pretend it isn't there. If you try to force or control your grief either by trying to hang on to it or to deny its being, then you will only feel pain. But if you let it, your grief will put you in touch with the deeper meaninig of life and of death and the meaning we have on this planet.

My coaching course will help you take hold of your emotions and to understand your deeper meaning. 

Elizabeth Kubler-Ross described five stages of grief that are responses that many people have to a loss. They are tools that help us understand what a person feels when suffering the loss of a loved one. Not everyone goes through all of these stages or goes through them in a prescribed order.  I Have studied and come to understand these stages with clients, to help you take back control of your life.

The bereavement sessions normally take 6 sessions.  This is £360 if booked in £60 per hour slot.  

Or book in today for 6 weekly sessions at only £290 if paid by week 2.

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