Finally a lose weight & Maintain it Plan, That works!!

Introducing Our NEW Weight Loss Clinic

Achieving lasting weight loss and fitness is a struggle for many people from all walks of life. It doesnt matter how young or old you are our bodies are the most impostant key to our lives, they are the structure that keeps us alive and vibrant.  Poor use of our bodies can cause depression and stress to vital organs, causing illness and disease.


While losing weight and keeping it off isn’t easy, understanding the path to weight loss can be. Which is why ive put together a fool proof plan so you can gain results fast and see meaningful results.


Successful weight loss demands the right combination of three components: good nutrition, physical activity and behavior change


Your body can’t do everything you want it to without the right sources of food (fuel). It's like a petrol car, if you fill it with diesel its no use to you!   


My plan will teach you which foods are live and full of life to give you a maximum source of energy, whilst being fun and flavourful.  The plan is a 'Zig & Zag' which means unlike other plans where you count calories and your take, I will do all the hard work to research what foods your body likes and eliminate the ones that cause distress, the 'zig, zag' also means that you get to eat treats, so with this plan you get to eat those foods branded as 'naughty' without having to worry about your waist.


I will teach you slowly about physical activity that you can enjoy every day. It doesn’t need to be a gym membership; taking the stairs at work and walking or biking is a great place to start. We will choose whatever works for you and your schedule and plan it in so you know you’ll get it done each day and most importantly ENJOY IT!


So much attention is paid to nutrition and exercise with diets in the magazines and through social media that the last and most important part of my plan is oftern missed out, behavior change, this is put back and people emmerse themselves in the diet and forget about what made them eat in the first place, also old habits they kept for years. Then the “back and forth” effect of dieting and gaining weight back again iis a result of failing to change problematic behaviors.


Have you ever seen someone lose over a stone to then pile it back on the year after? or is that person you?


It doesn’t matter if you’ve failed in your weight loss efforts in the past — you can do it this time with my help!


We will change your emotions and behaviors now so you can manage your weight effectively moving forward.


This means learning to think differently about planning meals, staying active and putting your physical health above other life needs, surrounding yourself with supportive friends and family and believing that you can — and will — achieve your goals is a huge step, this is why starting I will be your support and completing the sessions you will have access to a online positive programme.  To keep your weight loss maintained....



This is 100% guarenteed to get you to lose weight, or inches depending on what you require and give you more energy....

So what are you waiting for?..... 


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