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Firewalking Events

Host your very own firewalking event in 2018/19 between Nov - Jan with Kirsty & her team with 20% off. 


This offer is only valid for bookings made and paid for before Aug 2018

Relaxation Mindfulness Coaching Session

Book in today with me for a relaxing guided minfulness 60min session.


The Guided Meditation Deep Relaxation uses breathe techniques to slow heart rate, anxiety and feeling of stress. 


Book in today to recieve your mindfulness session at only £40ph 

Saving you £25 per session

'Energy' Programme

NEW ‘ENERGY’ 10 weekly sessions


What is my new energy clinic?


Energy is the quality of our lives, if we have a lack of energy our relationships aren’t fulfilling, work lacks ambition and excitement and our daily habits are stagnant.  We start to procrastinate instead of doing and before you know it days turn into weeks and then weeks to months, and months to years. 

Don’t allow life to pass you by, with my help in 10 hourly sessions you will be able to judge results in your own body, to see changes in every aspect of your life due to an increase of your energy.  It will be a complete transformation of your health and lifestyle.


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